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Jeff and Robin's Vardo. 

Build Log.

Started December 2011



Plans ordered and should arrive this week. Build six is ready to paint, so SOF build area is ready for a new boat.

Progress pics:





The next shots show mounting the foot braces. There's a good explanation on how to do this in  Jeff's book.


The hardware.

                                                Measure for midpoint of foot brace from back of cockpit plus 4" for backband.

This worked out to about 49" for a 5'8" person.

Front Left.Rear Left.

Watch your angles when drilling. Tight tolerance.


Skinned 11Feb12. Waiting for hatches to arrive.







Hatches arrived Friday 17FEB12 after being held up by my friends at Customs.

Here's how I installed them.

These are Sealect Designs 8" round hatch lid and ring, product code K746089. I ordered these through Jeff Horton at Kudzu Craft.

I drilled holes through the plywood below the skin (left intact until sewing). Around twice to capture above and below each space.

The bottom piece was held down with four c-clamps. Lexel sealant below rims.  Holes piloted and drilled to size for stainless bolts. These are double-nutted below with a washer, cut off flush and ground free of burrs.

Makes for a nice neat installation.

I took the opportunity to iron the material tight while ...someone... was out shopping.

It's done and ready to paint. The owners are choosing the colors.

4 March 2012

The color choice is 'Happiness'. Tinted Rustcoat oil based paint over primer, two finish coats.

Tree Troll Test Pilot

Float bags are in. Just needto get  a backband and carve a paddle.  The water here is still solid, so lots of time.