I verified the position of the center of gravity, i.e. the balance point to be 1" forward of form station 9. I will be carrying stern first for better visibility. I made a mock-up to ensure it would fit through a hatch and stow.

I started with a 2" ash plank, and five hours later the yoke is roughed out to shape. Some sanding, then the side pieces get built and fitted.

I'll update this post as the job progresses.

Plans done on cad.














Plans done on Intellicad.


printed the half pattern to scale.

















Blank cut, through the planer to reduce thickness to 1 1/8"


Glued pattern for shoulder recesses.





















Putting the new router to work. A man with a dog doesn't howl at the moon himself.





















Router, chisels, sanding to do recess area.


Spokeshave, sanding to reduce excess material. This is the end result of five hours with a nice piece of ash.


27 February 2017




















































































































































































28 February 2017