I've decided to build a shaving horse for carving canoe and kayak paddles.

Here's an example picture.


I looked at a lot of them, and went with an old design by Drew Langsner. 



Started on this the last week of March 2017.


Base is 2" oak.




Lots of chisel and rasp work to fit.

two 1/2" dowels per leg, glued up.




Busy day. Early morning fire call, drove the tanker to a mutual aid call. Six tons of truck and water got right of way written all over it.


These are double row biscuit jointed, with the exception of the foot tredle, which is two 3/4' boards stacked and face glued.





Finished the project today after a full day in the shop.


Having and being able to use drawing software makes life easier.



Ready to go.