Kayak Six, Lily's First Kayak


A friend of my grandson Tucker's parents ask if I could build a boat for his little girl Lily like Tucker's. They're good family friends, and I agreed to build it for the materials cost.

I'm making a Yost Sea Flea, exactly the same as Tucker's, but hopefully with fewer mistakes this time.

Kayak Six Build Log

 This is the build log for a Yost Sea Flea 11' SOF I'm building for my grandson Tucker's friend Lily.


I've created an excell spreadsheet of all the form and coaming offsets, used it to make a CAD drawing, and produced a size 'E' pdf file,

 icon Tucker_1 Forms pdf (8.86 kB),  or  E drawing of forms (5.17 kB) with all the forms to scale. I had this printed at my local print shop, $5, well worth it rather than doing it the hard way. Feel free to use this if you're building one of these.

I considered several fabrics, but in the end chose to go with 8 oz. polyester from KudzuCraft, mainly due to the excellent how-to videos on this site, and reading a lot of pros and cons about fabrics on the Kayak Forum. This is my second  SOF.



Frame completed


Coaming work-up


Seat slats


Ready for fabric


Completed sewing


Front view 1


Front view 2

Looking from the stern



The new owner's colour of choice, 'Tickled Pink'




Lilly's paddle with a Buddhist quote.





Here's a YouTube link of a happy customer, linked here with her parent's permission.



A happy customer 


I also added a YouTube video on how to construct these  training stabilizer floats.

Kid's kayak stabilizer floats.